Show & Tell

One of the highlights of each guild meeting is the Show & Tell time when members proudly display the quilts they have made. Our guild is comprised of quilters of all levels from beginners to professionals, and we have enjoyed and received inspiration from each of them. Due to Covid-19 we have not had monthly meetings. We hope you will enjoy and continue to be inspired by this version of Show & Tell.

Guild members we would love to see your finished quilts, unfinished quilt tops and/or your work in progress.  This is a great way to share your works of art.

Along with your Show & Tell projects we will feature the

Vice President’s Challenge 2019-2020

The Mystery Game of Clue

The following are the clues that may have been in the contest packages.  Each package contained: a person, a room and a weapon.

Here’s a reminder as to who the players are in this game.

People:  Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mrs Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard
Weapon:  Rope, Candlestick, Revolver, Lead Pipe, Wrench and the Knife
Room:  the Hall, the Study, the Ballroom, the Dining Room, the Kitchen, the Billiard Room, the Lounge the Library and the Conservatory

Example:  Mrs. Peacock in the Conservatory with the Knife

Information regarding voting and solving this mystery will be sent via email blast at a later date.



Mystery Clue #5



Mystery Clue #10



Mystery Clue #11


Mystery Clue #12
(Casserole Carrier)


Mystery Clue #14


Mystery Clue #16

Donna Campbell

This  signature quilt was completed in 2021 but started in 1934.  The blocks were completed by friends and neighbours in, and around Swanson, Saskatchewan; and family left behind in North Dakota.  My father’s cousin entrusted me to complete her keepsake.  With Norma’s advancing age in mind (94 and sparkling), I received this bundle in mid-January and mailed it back the first week in March.  The joy of holding an embroidery created by my great-grandmother can’t be explained…it was very special.




JaneAnn Morland