Show & Tell

One of the highlights of each guild meeting is the Show & Tell time when members proudly display the quilts they have made. Our guild is comprised of quilters of all levels from beginners to professionals, and we have enjoyed and received inspiration from each of them. Due to Covid-19 we have not had monthly meetings. We hope you will enjoy and continue to be inspired by this version of Show & Tell.

Guild members we would love to see your finished quilts, unfinished quilt tops and/or your work in progress.  This is a great way to share your works of art.

Lynda Iannandrea

This was completed early in December for my friends new grandson in Edmonton, so I’ll never see it again.  Can’t wait to have another reason to do another.  Haven’t had this much fun in a long time.  The pattern is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman.


Carol McRae             Working with Denim

The denim fabric for these quilts was given to me. They were remnants originating from the Wabasso Cotton Mill in Welland. I created the patterns for these quilt based on the piece sizes. The one with the red sashing was made for my niece and the one with the grey sashing was made for my nephew.  Their grandfather worked at Wabasso for 35 years before it closed down and I thought this would be a wonderful way for them to honour his memory.  I also made matching pillows.

Love how it turned out.

Theresa Bell        Tied to the World

I was very fortunate to be able to create this tie quilt for a retired diplomat who now lives in the area.
The name of the quilt is    “Tied to the World”
This diplomat had been to 87 countries and lived in 47 of them  so hence  the name of the quilt….
I used ties that this gentleman wore during his career and made them into a queen size memory quilt for his wife and himself to enjoy.  I designed the quilt to show case all the different colours, designs etc.   and it was expertly long arm quilted by Effie Faubert.
My diplomat gentleman and his wife loved their quilt.  They were blown away with the result.


Lynne Wilkinson             Little Amsterdam

This quilt Little Amsterdam is from a book I purchased while in Amsterdam 4 years ago. I decided during the Pandemic it was time to complete it.
The quilt is partially paper pieced and appliquéd. The fabrics were mostly ones I had purchased over time, but all the background came from Kindred Spirits.
It took a couple of months to complete. I custom quilted it on my longarm.
The pattern was so well written that when it came to applying the dogtooth border to the outer edge, it fit exactly. There was no need for “fudging.” It is hanging over my stairwell, waiting for a Quilt Show

Fran Inglis                    No Worries
My latest quilt top (not yet quilted).  I call it No Worries.  I found I was tired of worrying about Covid and the impact it has had on all of us, so I chose a simple log cabin quilt design.  I thoroughly enjoyed making the quilt because I didn’t have to worry about it!!


Janet Rhind

I’ve started to “play and experiment” with “raw edge” college.
Here is a turtle I recently finished.


Janet Rhind

Keeping with the theme of “raw edge college”, here is Lucille.
She was fun to do following the “no rules” rule.


Lynda Iannandrea


Here’s a quilt I made for my granddaughter knowing she would be leaving home for university this fall.  It’s her favourite colours.  She hasn’t gone anywhere because of Covid but I gave it to her last week anyway.  She loves it!


Effie Faubert

Pat Svensson

I have chosen 2 quilts that bring back happy memories of Alice Muller. Alice, Lynda Iannandrea, Paula Perri, and I made the 5.5 inch blocks at a workshop with Bill Stearman. I was able to use 108 of the 111 blocks we made. For the second quilt I was able to use fabrics that Alice had purchased in India. I too have visited that sprawling country and it was fun comparing notes on our different adventures.
Both have been donated to community quilts.


Donna Campbell


Spring Garden was made for my eldest granddaughter this summer.  The pattern can be found in Through the Garden Gate.
Alex apparently was suitably impressed … she cleaned her room!  Her Mom was thrilled.

Carol McRae                           My Family Tree
This is a 36X40 wall hanging I created for my mother in 2014.  My inspiration came from a picture of Red Pepper Quilts, which I found on Pinterest. I created my pattern templates and used the turned edge appliqué technique. I added extra batting under the leaves to make them stand out.  I then hand quilted it with leaves.  If you look closely you will see on the light colour leaves in the tree I printed the names of each of my family members with the year they were born.

Nancy Payne

This is a Tula Pink pattern, made for my niece.  She really likes anchors so when I came across this pattern, I wanted to make it for her.  It was a gift for her 28th birthday.  She also loves the colour purple.  We went together to pick out the fabric to make the quilt which was a bonding experience for us.  Lots of fun, in the middle of a pandemic.  The machine quilting was done by Janie Wallace. It was a test of my piecing accuracy as the squares started at 2″, and it was so important for the sections to align to create the design.  It was my summer project!
The finished size is 90 x 96.  Thanks for the opportunity to share with the guild.


Leslie Moulson                             Argyle


I made this quilt for the YWCA project. I am particularly pleased with it because it made me “trust” in my  ¼” foot. The pattern calls for many seams to match, and most do. I was also pleased, with the exception of the white-on-white background fabric, to use all material from my stash, including that for the pieced backing. Of course, it wouldn’t be nearly so beautiful if not for the expert quilting of Jennifer Dyck in a swirling pattern to complement the squares.


Lynne Wilkinson


This is a portrait I did of my sister Karen. It was taken from a photograph and I used about 11 different shades of black to white to create the picture. It is something I always wanted to do, but probably will not do again! I  was very pleased with the picture, but needed a better technique when it came to the thread painting.


Lynne Wilkinson


This is a wall hanging that I made from left over scraps from another quilt. I appliquéd and pieced the pieces to get the pattern that I wanted. I then custom quilted it on my longarm.