About Us

Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild is dedicated to promote the appreciation of the art of  quilting, be it traditional, modern, contemporary,  pieced or appliquéd , through education from our shared collective knowledge base with fun and celebration and to recognize community needs and the contribution that quilting can make.

Our members are like our quilts, completely unique!

Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild was established in 1980 when a member organized a quilt show to raise money for the Pelham and Effingham Heritage Associations. Recruiting several other women, all pretty much strangers, working together produced a very successful show. At the celebration party, and further discussion, the guild was formed over a pizza at Mother’s Pizza in St. Catharines.

Posting an ad in the St. Catharines Standard in December announcing the very first meeting was to be held at the library, the guild felt numbers would be only 20-30 people at most, considering the upcoming Christmas season.

Well, the date arrived and people kept coming and coming!  It was a success!! Jackie Morningstar offered to do  a bulletin and Marg Walpole got Irja Donahue to do membership.  She had moved to the area from Sault Ste. Marie and wasn’t too happy to be in St. Catharines so Marg thought this would be a good chance for her to meet people.

And so the Guild was on its way!  All thanks to Marg Walpole for persisting.

It was found later in the minutes that there were 90 people at that first meeting of the Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild.


President - Lynda Iannandrea

Many of you know me from my 15 or so years at the guild, that I love
quilting, but did you know that I was born and raised in St. Catharines, and spent my childhood in the rural city, close to St. Davids. Being a country girl, I was introduced to the 4H program and received my Provincial Honors, learning how to be a housewife and digging in with great enthusiasm to the sewing units. Did I get introduced to quilting – NO.
I always loved sewing but never saw quilts in my home, grandparents or aunts homes, or even in my friends homes. I have one memory of a quilt in a neighbours older daughters bedroom. I think it was very old, but nobody ever mentioned it. It is the only quilt I remember ever seeing.
Weird isn’t it?
I moved to Port Colborne when I married and there raised my family and ran a photo business. I was always involved with the community, in business I was President of the Chamber of Commerce. In the community I sat on the Port Colborne Hospital Foundation for eight years, and I was a Lioness for 20 years, serving as President for two terms. I am not shy. Through this period of my life I always sewed. I got my Fashion Arts degree at Niagara College night
school in the 80’s. And I sewed and loved tailoring coats and jackets. I signed up for every sewing academy I could find, and learned everything about every aspect of sewing except
When I retired, twenty years ago, I spent 5 years giving my kids free babysitting services. I loved spending those five years with my grand babies, but when they went to school and grandma had time on her hands, I talked my husband into down sizing, due to health issues he was having, and we ended up in Welland. In Welland I started spending time at Bernards
Sewing Shop where I saw QUILTS. So I signed up for a beginners course- and I was off. I knew about QUILTING!
I took every course I could find the time for. My dear husband took me to Paducah that first April and I had my first experience of the quilting culture. I loved QUILTING!
At Bernards I heard them talking about the Quilt Guild in St. Catharines and they invited to take me to a meeting. I wasn’t quite ready, but in September I showed up at a meeting all by myself, and to my utter shock, there you all were. There was Margaret Glassford on the stage making it
look like so much fun. I was fascinated with the guild and started to get involved. That’s me. Involved as usual. And now, President, in the time of Covid.

My focus at the present is to keep us together until we are together, I can’t do it alone, so please stay in touch with the guild and lets share our thoughts on how we are going to share our quilting experienced in this unprecedented time.

Vice President - Debbie Hipple

I started sewing at the age of 12 on a treadle machine under the watchful eye of my Grandma who was a quilter.

I’ve been a member of NHQG since 2012 and have held the positions of Secretary 2013-2015 and the Position of Vice President 2015-2017. Once again I’m serving as Vice President and part of my responsibly is to present to the membership with a yearly quilt challenge to be submitted at the end of April.

Secretary - Heather Murray

I’ve been quilting on and off for 35 years.  My first quilts were quilted by hand and that is really where my heart lies. I love handwork. However since I joined the guild almost two years ago, I’ve been practising making quilts on my sewing machine.  I’m also an enthusiastic member of The Afternoon Group where we enjoy exploring various kinds of hand embroidery, my favorite right now being wool applique. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated the welcome I have received by members of the NHQG.

Treasurer - Theresa Bell

I have been quilting for about 20 years now.  I am more of a traditional quilter although I have been known to put my own spin on things from time to time.

I have been working in the accounting field for a very long time and I had short stint in the banking world where I retired from in the Spring of this year.

This is my third session as treasurer for our guild.  I look forward to another successful term.

Past President - Fran Inglis

I’ve been a member of the NHQG for many years (with a few interruptions from life’s challenges). When I retired from teaching in 2003 I really focused on quilting and have loved every minute of it. So many skills and styles of quilts to try makes quilting an unending challenge. And I love giving quilts to those I love. It’s a win/win for me.


50/50 Draw - Donna Murray, Lynne Wilkinson

Lynne Wilkinson – I came to the guild ten years ago, after retiring from a 26-year teaching career. I had been quilting in a very small way prior to retiring, but now am “obsessed.”  I have a long arm machine in my Serenity Studio. I go there daily for realization and sheer enjoyment in the love of quilting.

Loonie Draw - Lynda Moffett, Maureen Morrison, Leslie Moulsin

Maureen Morrison – I have been quilting for over 30 years. I started out piecing and quilting everything by hand. After about 10 years, I graduated to machine piecing and eventually purchased a long arm machine – the rest is history! I have been a member of NHQG for seven years and enjoy every meeting!

Newsletter - Carol McRae

I’ve had an opportunity to learn many skills in my career in Management. These skills help me today to be an active and engaged member of the Guild.

I watched my mother quilt for many years and even hand quilted some of her quilts, so when I retired, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my time.

I took some quilting classes to improve my quilting skills and I am now totally addicted. I purchased a Handi Quilter with Pro-Stitcher many years ago and started a small home based business. Today my sister joins me in this business venture and we are having so much fun meeting people and learning something new everyday.

Programs/Workshops - Pat Andres, Luci Ronald, Judy Yovanovich

Pat Andres – My goal upon retiring from teaching was to learn to quilt. With an invitation from my friend Donna Pree, I joined the program and workshop committee. I have learned so much about this committee and the NHQG and it’s many activities. I made my first quilt in the winter of 2017 and it became the quilt for my first granddaughter who was born that fall. I enjoy taking workshops through the guild where I meet new people and classes locally help to expand my quilting repertoire. The NHQG lectures and workshops were a great learning experience for a newbie like me.

Luci RonaldI have been a member of the NHQG since sometime in the early 90’s. Not really sure but Angie Whittaker was the President then. I became a member of the program-workshop committee in 2017. I have enjoyed many aspects of quilting including learning new techniques, creating my own designs or putting a twist on a purchased pattern. I challenge myself as to theme and color and incorporating previously learned techniques. Much of my work is now wall art, often with a touch of whimsy. 

Scholarship - Gloria Meyer, Kathryn Karr, Nina Stahlschmidt, Anne Carruthers, Joan Medina

Gloria Meyer – I grew up in a household surrounded with quilts that were made by my mother and grandmother. My aunt Lydia (my mother’s sister) was an influence on me to begin quilting, as she worked with small more intricate patchwork and applique. I have sewn and embroidered since I was a little girl and have been quilting for over 20 years now and teaching for the last 15. This has also led me to some designing as well.  I especially like putting colors together. I like a variety of styles of quilting with some of the traditional blocks still being my favorites.

The Afternoon Group - Lolly Challice, Heather Murray

Lolly Chalice – I learned to quilt approximately 15 years ago from a dear friend who was also a quilt pattern designer. I quickly developed a liking for redwork embroidery and still enjoy doing all kinds of embroidery and needle work by hand. I’ve also experimented with satin stitch applique and recently I’ve started doing embroidery on greeting cards. I’ve been a member of the NHQG since 2006 and have been instrumental in starting and being involved with The Afternoon Group.


Meals on Wheels - Sharree Eidt, Ann Marie Tummillo

Sharee Eidt – I have been quilting for 7 years and have been a guild member for 4. Becoming the secretary 3 years ago enabled me the opportunity to get to know more members and be more active in the guild. I also enjoyed being active with the Community Quilts group, which helps me hone my skills and learn new techniques from the more experienced members.